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We pride ourselvs on giving a friendly personal service with honest and accurate descriptions, space permiting, however if you need further assistance before you purchase, please contact us for full details.

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Spring 2010 listings for sale:-

Please note that we are now able to e-mail photos to you of most of the items listed below,please request this free service quoting brief description of item/s along with your e-mail address.

Prices are in £'s Sterling


Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstacy (Flying Lady) mascot of inter-war years period for Phantom series to Silver Wraith. Chrome plated mounted onto the correct preasure cap ready to screw to the radiator top or display (note: we have paperwork with this item showing catalogue description and photo) £450

Another for the RR 20/25, slightly polished hence £350

RR Collection; RR Crystal Glass Desk Ornament by Lalique, 1994 numbered limited edition RR0021 price on application.

Bentley large outstretched winged 'B' inter-war period mounted on marble base plinth. £550

Bentley experimental single wing flying 'B' mascot scripted & dated on the base 'Bentley Motors Ltd 1931'. £400

Bentley long double winged mascot (used for a very short period during the inter-war period). £400

Bentley 'V' winged bouble 'B' mascot also used for a very short period during the inter-war years. £400

Bentley small flying 'B' for the 'S' series of cars. £250

Ditto similar mascot profesionaly mounted on polished mahongany block. £300

Bentley small flying 'B' for the 'T' seires of cars. £250


The ex. Brooklands C.S.Watkinson esq collection of entry pass badges (see Bonhams sale No.17258 3rd July 2009). All are in perfect condition with original coloured cord & clasp fitting, unless otherwise stated. A 'unique opportunity' to purchase a complete run from the first issue of 1907 through to the last of 1942...
Comprised of:-

1907 Members' entry pass lapel badge in gilt-brass with multi-coloured enamels by 'W.O.Lewis (badges) Ltd. Birmingham' along with the issue number stamped to reverse on correct coloured suspension cord lapel hanger.

1908 ditto as above








1916 ( a copy of the extreemly rare Ersatz wartime issue with a guests badge)

None issued for wartime years of 1917, 18 & 19










1929 (with 'Committee' bar together with guests bow brooch)










1939 (wartime issues extreemly scarce)



(None issued after 1942)
Brooklands badge set of membership badge on gilt metal suspension bar No.189 with single guests (extreemly rare) 'COMMITTEE' brooch bar No.583 for the year 1929 badge on blue suspension cord. Makers 'W.0.Lewis (badges) Ltd, Birmingham', excellent condition Sold as a complete collection, please enquire. Note: Only genuine enquiries please as our 'cost price' for the whole collection was near to £9,000 (with the genuine 1916 issue), so offers in the region of £7,000 will be considered.

Brooklands BARC guests brooch for 1933, issue No.799 by 'W.E.Lewis (badges Ltd) Birmingham) In green with white enamels, with some minor white enamel loss to one of the bars, hence only £75

Brooklands 1937 Aero Club membership badge in light orange coloured enamel on gilt badge No.255 suspended on its period and correct orange cord with brass tie.
Maker 'W.O.Lewis (badges) Ltd Birmingham', also stamped 'Not Transferable' on reverse. (Note: we understand that no guest brooches or badges were issued at this time). A very clean example of a rare badge. £275 now £225

Brooklands BARC Car Club Membership badge for sale made by 'Spencer of Birmingham', 1930's very low numbere issue, in extreemly fine condition, please ask.

British Motor Racing Marshals Club (BMRMC) car badge with green racing car on checkered flag backing, some enamel damage to bottom on shield. Maker Marples & Beasley, Birmingham. Quite scarce now £225 Now reduced to £200

National Motorists Association car badge latin moto 'Omnium Saluti' with saluting patrolman above 1930's style car, Unon flag etc. By Collins, London No. 1899 to reverse. Quite scare now,.Excellent condition. £395 (Bonhams estimate £500-£600)

B.A.R.C. Brooklands membership car badge of the inter-war period by Spencer, London members' No.886 stamped into the reverse with full particulars on the reverse, nice clean enamels, excellent very clean condition with fixing screw, nut & plate base. £695

JCC 'Junior Car Club' inter-war period, very nice enamles by 'Elkington & Co. Ltd.' has long screw fitting £375

B.R.D.C. (British Racing Drivers'Club) Silverstone circuit souvinier paperweight showing outline shape of circuit with engraved clubhouse and BRDC badge all in pressed glass (we belive this was only available to members of this exclusive club) £15 now reduced to £6 two only left (£10 for the two) as damaged. Note: A similar one made £25 at a BCA auction recently.

British Racing & Sportscar Club shield shape lapel badges in yelllow enamels with logo etc. three miniatures (in decreasing sizes) of the same badge for lapel wear. Circa 1960's, all in excelent condition, a lot £100

B.A.R.C. miniature lapel pin-back badge in multi-coloured enamels of the 1950's £60

B.A.R.C. ditto with 'Official' label above shield and suspension date bar for 1971 £65

G.B. stick on sign in black on white oval of the 1970's still fixed in packet £10

Italian designation coloured ablong with 'I' for Italy oval,both in plastic for rear (boot) mounting £10 the pair.

Ferrari 'official' cap with both Ferrari (to the front) & sponsors Shell (at the sides) logos. Superior quality 100% red cotton material with labels stating 'Official Licensed Product' and 'Ferrari Official Product', both stitched to the inner band. Obtained through the Ferrari display stand at the London, Earls Court Motor Show £35 NOW end of season SALE PRICE£25! Note: see F.1. large collection of caps for sale (below)

Ferrari very large yellow ceramic ashtray with prancing black horse logo (some minor chiping) in original box of issue along with small white table ashtray and yellow servette with a couple of Ferrari suger bags from Restarante Marrenelo, purchased 1990's 'the lot' £55 SALE PRICE £35.... Go on £20 then!!!

Formula 1 and associated memorabilia:-

T-shirts by the distinguised motor racing artist Stephen Massey, produced during the 1980's/90's under the title "The Right Stuff". 1935 Grosser Preis von Deutschland, Nurburgring 1st Nuvolari.

Tribute to Ayrton Senna 1960-1994, showing helmet & graphics

All are still in wrapping and have wonderfull scenes on them with plenty of background information etc. Must be prized at £25 each SALE PRICE £20 EACH!

Basball caps from around the world, all are in un-used 'as new' condition (most of them 'one size fits all' style):- SALE OFFER! sale price special offer ANY 5 FOR £50

Alfa Romeo, red cap with multi-coloured badge £15

Ditto with small script white on red graphics £10

'Automuseo Tenerife', dark red with cream peak and white graphics (museum closed down 2005) £15

'Reflections of Time in '99, Hershy, Pa A.A.C.A.', white with blue peak and graphics £10

'Dieppe Retro', white cap with blue & red graphics £10

'Camel Racing Service Formula 1 Team', first type issued in yellow with blue and multi-coloured graphics £10

'Camel Benetton Formula 1 Racing Team' 2nd type in blue with yellow peak and coloured graphics. £15

'British Grand Prix, Silverstone' (no date) un-official cap in blue with white & black grapics £10

'Silverstone' (officialy approved issue) with outline of circuit, dark blue with green peak, still has official sales label in place £10

'Silverstone R.A.C.'98' Official 1998 Grand Prix issue with sales label intact of high quality £20

'Silverstone, Fosters British Grand Prix 2002', official issue in dark blue with white & red graphics, high quality £20

'Brands Hatch, Grand Prix Circuit', black cap with red circuit graphics & union jack flag £10

'London Champ Car Trophy, Brands Hatch 3-4 May 2003', black cap with outline of circuit all round with names of the bends etc. in white & orange, good heavy quality material £20

''Grand Prix '95 Nurburgring' (un-official), grey cap with yellow peak, chequered & German flags with car etc graphics £15

'Formula 1 - World Championship, Grand Prix of Europe, Nurbergring 0ct 1st 1995', official issuein black with yellow & red graphics £20

'Australian Grand Prix 07', in black with red & white superb graphics with outline of circuit etc. heavy qulality, still has manufacturers tag £25

'Grand Prix De Monaco', (un-official) black with wreathed peak and white with red F1 car graphics etc. heavy quality £15

'Monaco Monte Carlo F.1. Grand Prix', official issue in black with white & red graphics, checkered flag peak design, heavy quality £20

'Beneton Formula 1 official Bitburger' (Bitte ein Bit motto) issue team cap with yelow graphics on black £20

'Grand Prix, Hockenheim', Germany un-official black cap with checkered & German crossed flags, yelow wreath peak etc £15

'Grand Prix, Spa-Franconchamps' un-official, black cap with yellow wreathed peak with crossed chechered & Belgium flags etc. £15

'Grand Prix Magny Cours', France un-official black cap with yellow wreathed peak, checkered & Frech flags etc. £15

'24 Heures Du Mans', official green cap with tan peak, circuit logo & club badge etc. £15

'Williams Renault Lagune BTCC Triple Champions' official teak cap in royal blue with white & yellow graphics £20

'Ferrari/Shell' sponsored official team cap in red with yellow S.G. badge & Italian colours, metal logo clasp to back £35

'Ferrari' un-official cap in black with silver embroided prancing horse & S.F. logo £12

'The Gordon Bennet Anniversary Run 1903-2003', official issue with fine graphics £15

'Frosts Brighton Speed Trials' special Centenary cap in black with red & yellow logo £15

'Brooklands Spirit', black cap with official Brooklands Spirit yellow & black logo embroided to front £10

'Lamborghini' official factory purchased cap in blue with gold/yellow embroided logo/bull graphics with official label intact £30

'B.R.M.' (British Racing Motors) official team cap in dark green with light greeen logo with nred, white & blue graphics £20

'Mini' red cap with white Mini winged logo, with official label intact £15

'Jaguar' team cap in mid green with white & red graphics & leaping cat logo £15

'C.S.M.A. Motorsports official cap in dark blue with red, white & blue logo £12

'Auto Trader' Touring car championships '97, black cap with white & red logo £12

'Classic & Sportscar' magazine cap in tan with greeen & white logo £10

SPECIAL OFFER of any of the above take four (4) of them for only for £50!!!

Japanese Kimono festival quality in orange-red profusley floral decorated with white lotus blossoms, a high quality (possibly silk?) garment with its matching belt £50 Now reducedd to £40

Japanese Kimono festival quality in dark-blue profusley floral decorated and with Geisha females with white lotus blossoms etc., a high quality (possibly silk?)garment with its matching belt £75 Now reduced to £50

Japanese Kimono of indoor variety in cloth with typical black & white pattern with its matching belt £20

Japanese made white heavy cotton T-Shirt with large printed scene of the famous Hockosai print of the Great Wave with Mount Fuji in the background ,100 % cotton Made in Japan (Not China!) Large size £20

Classic car magazines, a large bundle of recent 'Classic & Sportscar','Classic Cars','Practical Classics', 'Classic Car Mart', 'Classics for Sale', 'Octane', 'The Automobile', 'The Autocar' and others etc. A lot £25

Historic racing circuit programme copy of front covers £1 each (in full colour, taken from the originals):-

Brooklands Saturday 8th Sept.1934, blue & orange on buff cover

Brooklands Saturday October 17th, 1936. Well-known cover of racing driver in full white overalls wearing linen helmet preparing to race!

Brooklands Saturday May 2nd 1936, graphics of car (looks like a Bentley Speed model) being re-filled in the pits.

Brooklands Saturday Sept 18, 1937. Full clolour cover with speeding racing car in cloud of dust!. BRDC logo to top left had corner with 'International 500' logo.

Donington Saturday 24th July, 1937, buff with red graphics with photo of E.R.A.'s and Masseratis racing round bend,sposored by 'The Autocar'magazine.

Crystal Palace Saturday 24th April, 1937, very nice graphics in colour showing E.R.A.with leaning driver, Crystal Palace in top backgroud.

Silverstone Saturday 2nd Oct.1948, sposored by The Autocar, nice graphics with two cars dicing for a bend!. RAC full members'badge centre.

Brighton Speed Trials of Saturday 15th September, 1934. Light blue with red and dark blue graphics with dolphin logo to top right hand corner.

Lewes Speed Trials of Saturday 7th September, 1935,blue cover with Bugatti badge logo as sposored by the BOC Ltd.

Goodwood Motor Course B.A.R.C. Meeting Saturday August 13th, 1949 (the first post war race!). Red & white cover with photo of Lea Francis racing car to front,sposored by 'The Autocar'magazine.

Goodwood Circuit Saturday 17th September, 1949. General fold-out sheet, the cover showing a photo of a race.
Special offer of the eleven for £10 for the set!

Manufacturers promotional wall posters, charts etc:-

Rover Group Mini Cooper

Rover Group Mini British Open Classic

Rover Group showing MG RV8

Rover Group Mini E.R.A. Turbo of late 1980's






Alfa Romeo

Many Grand Prix and other auto-related posters

Also car-marque brochers of the above makes, including: Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Ferrairi, Masserati, Alfa Romeo, Morgan, Mini Cooper, MG Rover, BMW Mini etc.
Also some very nice framed & glazed ready for wall mounting, please enquire for details of these

Collection of FRAMED & GLAZED motoring posters of Ferrari, MG, Morgan etc., car auction house promotional auction posters, F.1. posters etc from £25

Sun glasses ex.Chris Farlowe, 1960's pop star fame with "(Baby-Baby) You're out of time" and possibly related to the racing driver Roland King-Farlowe?. Large tortoiseshell-plastic,very dark lenses. Provenance:he left them on my shop counter circa 1966 Note: one sidepiece detached £50 now reduced to £25 again to £15!...go on £10 then!!

Raleigh Chopper bike Mk111. This is a re-make styled on the 1970's version and is brand new un-used in red with Chopper logos to both sides of the frame. This is one of a numbered exclusive limited edition of 1000 only that were produced as commemorative collector's bikes (the edition now complete and no more will be made). Complete with special Chopper accesories including bell,tyre dust caps,special T-shirt, (all still in original makers packaging) handbook and advertising material (a future collector's item, we predict, Raleigh themselfs value this at over $1,000 now) £995, this packaged now reduced down further to £550!

BE A MUG....Loads of motoring promotial mugs for disposal, Brooklands, Brighton Speed Trials, Classic Cars, Ralllies etc. lots! So ask for listings, from £5

*Art Deco figures,genuine period pieces from the inter-war period. A collection of a dozen of these beautifull young ladies, produced in gilded spelter and mounted on either white or black marble style period bases contemporary to these figures. All are of the same scale averaging 12" in height, I include an Art Deco amber glass nude lady lamp hoding a cream glass fluted period lampshadeas well. Sold 'as a collection' for £3,000 or very close offers! To see photos of the collection for sale please contact us.

Witch's Balls:
Extreemly rare/collectible blown glass witch balls in various sizes, in colours of deep cobalt blue, gold, silver and light green metalic that catches the light. These are meant to be very lucky when hung from the cealing of a dwelling. Sold as 'a collection' of a dozen (12) for £1,000, now sold, however have two small ones, one silver and one in green £200 pair.

We now stock the wonderfull artwork of Rene Lalique, a unique opportunity to form a life-long art collection and investment of your own, or for you and your family! please read on....

Lalique Glass Christal Mascots. Background history:
In 1925 Rene Jules Lalique created his first car hood mascot (the Five Horses for Andre Citroen) to decorate the finest cars of the era. From this date onwards the 'twenty seven famous car mascots' were born (if you include the exclusive"one offs", and the specialy commissioned one created for GV of England, they totaled aprox thirty in all). Exquisite sculptures in glass, inspired by naturallism, which are highly sought-after today by the most dedicated art collectors. Drawing inspiration from Japanese art and far-eastern styles.

Lalique Auto Bochons de Radiateur. Historie:
C'est en 1925 Rene Lalique realisa ses bouchons de radiateur (Cinq Cheveaux pour Andree Citroen) pour omer les calandres des prestigieux vehicules de l'epoche.Ainsi naquirent les'27 celebres mascottes'd'inspiration naturaliste,veristables sculptures en verre qui font aujourd'hui object de la convoitise des plus grands collecttionneurs d'art.
S'inspirant du Japonisme,et son style extreme-oriental.

*"Chrysis"/ "Nude lady" superb reprsentation leaning backwards against the wind,created and introduced 21st March 1931 in clear & frosted chrystal glass,engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'.Complete in its original silver-grey box with paperwork £395

*"Coq Nain"/ "Rooster", created and introduced 10th Febuary 1928 in clear & frosted chrystal glass,engraved signiature'Lalique, France'.Complete in its original silver-grey box with paperwork £395

*"Tete de Coq"/ "Roosters head", created and introduced 3rd Febuary 1928 in clear & frosted chrystal glass,engraved signiature'Lalique, France'. Complete in its original silver-grey box with paperwork £550

"Sanglier"/ "Wild Boar", created and introduced 3rd October 1929 in clear chrystal glass,engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'. Complete in its original silver-grey box with paperwork £395

*"Statuette Leda"/ "Leda with the Swan", created in 1931 in frosted chrystal glass,engraved signiature 'Lalique,France'. Complete in its original silver-grey box with paperwork £220

*"Statuette Diane"/ "Goddess Diane", created in 1935 in frosted chrystal glass, engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'.Complete in its original silver-grey box with paperwork £225

*"Statuette Faune"/ "Woodland Nimph", created in 1998 by Marie-Claude Lalique, in clear chrystal glass,engraved signiature 'Lalique,France'. Complete in its original silver-grey box with paperwork £255

"Hirondelle"/ "Swallow", created and introduced 10th March 1928 in clear & frosted chrystal glass, engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'.Complete in its dark grey box with paperwork £395 (also a matching pair of Hirondelles as bookends in a special presentation Lalique box for £800)

*Tete D'Aigle"/ "Eagles Head", created and introduced 14th March 1928. Superb aggresive looking bird of prey, reputed to have been used on German high command staff cars to impress the Nazi regime! In clear & frosted chrystal glass, engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'. Complete in its dark grey box with paperwork £550

"Perche"/ "Perch",created and introduced 20th April 1929. Superb scales & fins to this fish in clear chrystal glass, engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'. Complete in its dark grey box with paperwork £395

*"Deaux danseuses"/ "Two Dancers", created and introduced in the 1970's by Marie-Claude Lalique. This pair of male & female figures are interwined in dance. In frosted chrystal glass,with moulded signiature 'Lalique, France' to botom of circular base (un-boxed) £950 Note: We have noticed a very minor fault in the bottom of the base of this piece and have therfore reduced it down to £750 +see MMW page 139 No.488

Tete de Paon/Peacock's Head, created and introduced 3rd February 1928. Superb turned head, intensly looking to its rear. In opalesent chrystal, engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'. Complete in its dark grey box with paperwork £450

*"Spirit of Ecstacy"/ "The Flying Lady", created by the artist Charles Sykes for Rolls-Royce. This was produced in frosted chrystal glass by the Lalique artists in a limited edition of two hundred pieces under licence from Rolls-Royce Motors in 1994. Engraved signiature 'Lalique, France'. Mounted on silver hall mkd.base of special commission. Also another 'standard' piece with very low number RR09. Details with price on application

*"Cinq Cheveaux"/ "Five Horses", created and introduced 26th August 1925 as the very first actual car mascot for a specific car, being the Citroen 5 CV. Frosted chrystal glass. Moulded signiature'R.Lalique'along with wheel-cut'France'to hind leg. Some damage by the way of small chips to base which is mounted onto a correct period chromed-brass radiator fiting on metal base plate with nut & bolt fitting. Superb image of the Art deco period. £9,950 (Note: The Antiques Roadshow's Erick Knowles valued a similar but perfect example for £20,000 in 2005)

*"Victoire"/ "Victory", created and introduced 18th April 1928. Formed in a satin finish grey tinted head, which graduates into clear chrystal forming the flowing hair. With molded signiature 'R.Lalique, France' to base This model was also known as "The Spirit of the Wind". Small chip to the base, correct lenth of ten & quarter inches (25.5cm). A truly superb and typical image of the Art deco period. Price on application.

We are also able to locate more Lalique rarities, and can obtain The Owl, The Perch, The Wild Boer, St.Christopher, The Archer, Coq Houdan and a blue tinted Victoire at short notice. Prices on application.

Notes: We donot recommend these to be used on actual vehicles today as they would violate most exsisting international laws regards potruding radiator mascots or emblems, excepte in certain concours d'elegance or static off-road car shows & exibitions etc. We sell these as display pieces and they are now marketed as modern present-day "paperweights" / "presse-papiers".
Note that the boxes are specialy made (with Lalique,France logo to lid) to house the mascots and fitted with lining of foam and card to support the piece. We have one box only as spares in most cases.
+Reference book used for the whole collection of Lalique car mascots is William C. Williams book 'Motoring Mascots of the World'.


*Austin J40 (Junior Forty populary known as the Joy Car). Well known toy for the child that had everything! Large pedal car made from the pressed steel used on the real Austin Devon's of the mid twentieth century that this was modeled on. Maufactured in a special factory in Bargoed, South Wales, set-up under specific instructions by Leonard Lord (head of the BMC at that time) to re-employ disabled ex-Welsh miners. This fully restored car is finished in bright red with Austin logos to the sides and has a tan vinal interior. Features authentic metal dashboard with faux dials,working handbrake and opening boot and bonnet revealing authentic sparkplugs and battery to power the working headlamps. £2,500 Note: A similar J40 without the Austin logos made the hammer price of £2,900 plus buyers commission ( so about £3,250) at an auction in April 2007. This one SOLD
Another in original 'play-worn' condition in blue, this is an early model complete with its original flying 'A'mascot, which was removed shortly after early in the production (c.1950) because of harm to children. £1,500 Reduced now to £995!

The following are ex-pedalcar author & authoritory collection, mostly mint to excelent condition:-

Rolls-Royce Corniche pedal & electric powered cars by Tri-ang Sharna, produced in the 1980's one in red and one in white with tan interior and chrome fittings. They have RR logo key fob with ignition key to work the 3 speed gear shift, the lights, indicators and horn. 12 volt power with charger unit (as they have been stored for some time there is no guarantee that the battery will charge-up after so long, so it may need to be replaced). One only now in white with original logbook in RR logo folder wallet with certificate.
One original box with label available as well for £25. We have two of them at £650 each electric 12 volt battery powered or take the two including the box for £1,000 Overseas PP on this order would have to be substancial, so best to pick-up or we can arange courier service delivery.

Rolls-Royce Siver Cloud 111 by Tri-ang Toys, produced in the mid to late 1960's. One in maroon red standard factory production model in excellent condition £1,750 SOLD
Another in white and boxed (this is belived by the person that it was purhased from who worked at Tri-ang toys at the time to be a first factory prototype production model, it has a label on the box). Almost mint condition Now sold as a pair with the Bentley described below...

Bentley S3 in white by Tri-ang Toys (same model body as above but with Bentley grill & fittings) a one-off special order 12 volt electric car, for a very special person! enquire for full details please.

Moskvich pedalcar collection in all the various colours two (2) made in the original car factory using the same heavy gauge metal for the body. All mint, with original battery to work the lights and horn. Some original period brochures as well with them (in Russian). These cars are very similar to the Lada if you have the full size versions of either they make "great stable mates!" £550 each or £1,000 the pair, can be delivered at cost aprox. £95

Toy & Pedal Car Ephemera:

Set of five (5) American pedalcar books, packed with info, sold as 'a lot' for £100 (cost aprox $45 each) Other pedalcar and toy collecting books available, please enquire....

Tri-ang advertising fold-out poster reproducing in full colour the inter-war period pedalcars on sale from this giant company, would look nice framed & glazed £10

Moskvitch pedalcar 1980's/90's advertising poster on cardboard, those poor Russians, eh! £10

We are able to e-mail photos to you of any of the above. If you wish to have photos sent to you please send us a s.a.e.

ALL are featured in the pedalcar book 'Juvenile Automobiles'* of which we can supply to you on request.

*Book on the subject of pedal car collecting, a "must have", entitled: 'Juvenile Automobiles, A Pictorial History of Children's Pedal & Powered Vehicles-including Tri-ang toy pedal car supplement' with essential price guide, condition report feature etc. hardbound with full colour dustjacket, produced by The Apollo Press in a limited edition of 500 numbered and author signed copies, this is 'The Bible' on the subject! (cover marked price of £25) our special price of £15 for the over-run of this series see www.brmmbrmm.com/pedalcars

All as featured on BBC TV's "Flog It!" prgramme with Paul Martin at our premises. Now all the above 'Film Star Cars' from the G.G.Weiner personal collection are for sale. None need tax or MoT's, but may need insurance of course!

accepted in the form of personal cheque (U.K.customers only), building society cheque, postal orders or money orders made out in £'s Sterling. Overseas customers may pay by Sterling bankers draft, personal bank transfer into our account, BACS, or by American Express or Diners Club card (no other cards accepted at this time). A recipte will be issued to you with your goods.

Prices are quoted for pick-up from our office premises by prior arrangement or at the various classic car shows and autojumbles that we attend throughout the year, also by prior-arrangement. We can quote packing & postage costs to mail to you. We have been in this business for over 30 years now supplying the collector and trade alike., along with a trustfull mail-order service here and overseas. References can be supplied.
All the descriptions are fair and honest and comply with the Trade Descriptions Act(1968), UK laws apply.
We are able to send photos to you via e-mail of most of the itmes listed above.

Directions: From M25 onto M23 to A23, come into Brighton's one-way system (you can only go one way so no probs here!). Go to the seafront, Brighton Pier in front of you, turn left at round-a-bout, heading towards The Marina, go up about third mile (if you pass the speed camera you've gone too far) and look for Burlington Street, go to the top of this street, The Thomas Kemp pub will be in front of you, and turn right into St.George's Road and then turn left into College Road (you will see Lloyds TSB bank on the corner of College Road). Clarendon Place is first on your right. Look for the very prominant white building with a white lion on top of it, this is 'The White Lion Garage'.
Note: Parking bays in operation over the weekends. A ticket machine is on every street. Don't knock hard on the door as you may set the alarm off!

*The pedal car collection although all listed here are in another part of the building in storage and viewed by appointment. We can e-mail you photos of any that are of interest to you.

Affiliated websites:
www.barcc.co.uk(introduction site)
www.brooklands-automobilia-regalia-collectors-club.co.uk(educational site)
www.brmmbrmm.com/pedalcars*(collector's site)
www.brmmbrmm.com/barcc*(Brooklands information)
www.brooklandsbadges.co.uk*(webpage showing unique 1907-2007 edition)

*Where indicated these are illustrated on this website

#Indicates that we will be exibiting at these events. Staff will still be able to deal with any enquiries at our office address when we attend these shows.
Important: See the listings on: www.brmmbrmm.com/lbcc.bb Go to 'Events' click-on logo.

Interested in (local) motoring facts? Interesting reading...

Brighton's Madeira Drive makes the perfect venue for displaying and performing vehicals of all kinds. Motor racing used to extend all round this purpose built (in 1905) circuit, which ran along both the top and the lower levels of the drive. Motorcars and motorbikes raced around this circuit in two's side by side at high speeds under supervision from The Brighton & Hove Motor Club. The club also founded in 1905 being the oldest motoring club in the UK, which now oversees the National Speed Trials every September and also provides marshaling for the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run every November. Since 1952 the run has been held on the first Sunday of that month.
The 'Emancipation Run' (or so called 'Red Flag Run', when a man waving a red flag had to preceed the following motor vehical befor the repeal of this act). The event dates back to 1896 when only thirty cars participated, seventeen of which actualy finished the course, the winner took two and a half hours to arrive! Medals were issued for completing the run and are awarded to this day for every finisher to arrive in Brighton befor the closing time set at 4.30pm.

This event has been organised by the Royal Automobile Club (R.A.C.) since 1930 and at the time was commonly described as "The Old Crocks Race", a description that is very much frowned upon nowadays, as the rally is not a race but a challange to get from London to Brighton (yes, in the best possible time, bar breakdowns and hazards, of which there are many). These cars are distingquised veterans and should be refered to as such!
One truly historic vehical to take part in the 2000 run, was the Bristol Industrial Museum's steam car, manufactured in 1875, which completed the run in an impressive time of nine hours! For further particulars on this years run, please go to: www.LBVCR.com

Record crowds of more than 200,000 spectators attended the anual Speed Trials on 10th September 2005 for the centenary celebrations. The fastest speed achieved by a car during that years event was 150 mph and for a motorbike 164 mph! In addition to the exhilirating drive by both cars and bikes, the following weekend saw the anual Ace Cafe Reunion with an estimated 80,000 motorcycles in attendance from all parts of the UK (and Europe). A single gathering of 60,000 ridding in enmasse!
For more information regarding The Brighton & Hove Motor Club, the website is at: www.brightonandhovemotorclub.co.uk

These are just a couple of the many major motoring events along Brighton's famous Madeira Drive where many car, commercial vehical and bike gatherings that take place mainly during the Spring and Summertime. It is a testiment of the safety and generaly agreeable environment that draws motoring clubs to this venue every season.,and long may it last!
For further information/particulars/places to stay/visit/eat/drink etc. please contact the Tourist Information Centre via their website: www.thisisbrightonandhove.co.uk

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Christmas is coming! Never mind there's always next year! ....
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